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MONTREAL (CN), 17.11.2005

Rotax Max World Finals

The kart circuit of Langkawi, Malaysia will be the scene from November 22 to 26 of the sixth edition of the BRP-Rotax World Finals. Some 130 competitors from 45 countries, competing in three categories - Rotax Max Junior, Senior and RM1 - will be racing karts powered by BRP-Rotax Max engines installed on CRG, Swiss Hutless and RM1 chassis.

Press Release

Coming from countries such as France, Italy, Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Nigeria, Mexico and others, the 130 competitors all share a common dream to become world champion in one of the three categories. Following the selection of the best drivers in every country, the best Rotax Max drivers from around the world will now fight for supremacy in Langkawi, Malaysia, a gorgeous island bathed by the sun and high humidity.

In 2000, BRP-Rotax created a new concept in kart racing known as the Rotax Max Challenges. Today, national challenges are held in more than 40 countries and have set new standards in international karting. Since then, every year the best Rotax Max competitors take part in the World Finals called the « Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals ». In 2000, the World Finals were held in Puerto Rico, then in Malaysia in 2001, South Africa in 2002, Egypt in 2003 and the Canary Island last year.

Malaysian company Mofaz has organized the BRP-Rotax World Finals in 2001. It was a huge success and the organizers decided to apply for a second race, which was accepted by BRP-Rotax. “It was very difficult to turn down this offer,” said Manfred Weissgaerber, Marketing Director of the Kart Centre at BRP-Rotax. “The 2001 edition was a fantastic success. It was not difficult to accept their proposal for organizing the 6th edition of the World Finals. Last time, we received a very warm welcome and we were stunned by the infrastructures. The place is highly exotic, the event is extremely well organized and the track is challenging. They have all the ingredients to make this event another great achievement.”

Built in 2000, the circuit of Langkawi is 1,230-metre long and meets the highest standards set by the international karting commission of the CIK-FIA. Its challenging layout will undoubtedly please the competitors.

Every year, thousands of kart racers try hard to be selected to represent their country in the BRP-Rotax World Finals, which served as a launching pad for the career of several aspiring race car drivers. The finalists from the five continents are all extremely determined to perform well and are eager to win the world title – the perfect recipe for exciting and hotly disputed races. The BRP-Rotax World Finals are undoubtedly the most multinational meeting in international karting.

Results of the past 5 years

Grand Finals 2004 - Lanzarote
RM1 Class
1 - Wesleigh ORR (RSA)
2 - Cristiano MORGADO (RSA)
3 - Tristram OMAN (UK)

Junior MAX Class
1 - Benjamin SALVATORE (F)
3 - Earl BAMBER (NZ)

Grand Finals 2003 - Egypt
Rotax Senior
1 - Christiano Morgado (RSA),
2 - Riccardo Van der Ende (NL),
3 - Adrian Estasy (AUS)

Junior Class
1- Omar Martin (ESP),
2 - Bruno Serra (POR),
3 - Wiann Swart (RSA)

Rotax Max World Finals




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